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See you guys later!
Prefer Game studios in english speaking countries, can relocate.
I mostly do concept art and illustration, including fzd, i have 2 years and 3 month of experience in the industry, can handle both cartonny style and realistic.
Please don't send me notes asking me to work for free on your school projects, thanks.
Hey guys.
I currently have tons of work ready to be published, contains:
(1) b&w or simple tones, line drawing ----but lots of design content, mostly exterior, interiors, props, vehicles that kind of stuff 
(2) b&w digital painting, unfortunately we are not allowed to do colors at this point ----having story telling elements and mood.

I don't know how to initiate a vote, so if you are interested please write down (1) or (2).
Which one do you prefer to see more often?

nearly get burn out, no break even during the term break, get some stuff that I can post during the term break, school is hard, really hard, and a lot of people are getting almost no sleep at all, glad I can still manage 6 hrs + in average everyday for now, don't know if I am still that lucky in term 2.
There are things I want to say about that teepee goddess painting.
For those of you who are aware of the copyright issues:
I reckon I have not catagorized well, this is NOT for print sale, and this is NOT going to be a concept art for commercial games, not an illustration for books or anything.
I cannot get to the person who did that background pattern, and I totally respect his work.
For those of you coming from an ethnic background:
I am not a first nation girl, and in China, a lot of concept artist do the same thing, that's why I did this practical piece.
I already delete this piece, due to the fact that this whole idea, not just 1 or 2 element, offend some people and it will take me a long time to fix that.
Thank you again, for those who love this piece and fav it, and suggest this to DD.
I love you all and thanks for your support!
Hey guys, I am back only temporarily for Feb and March, since I still have some stock of images to post every 15 days.
But since I have a lot of homework and I won't be able to do other stuff, you won't see me posting much stuff after March, but yeah, if possible and feng zhu allows us, I may post some homework afterwards.
Good luck and happy new year.
I am going to attend FZD on feb, 2013, heard it is a very hardcore school, I probably won't have that much time to paint stuff for hobby. (Usually I update every 15 days)
Right now I am taking my vacation in China for 1 month, or even 2 month, yey!
It is so freaking slow, saving draft is so slow.
I cannot even submit to the group from this page, so stupid.
I hate everything about this new function.
August I feel like my productivity is going to be low due to the application to school again, so no topic assigned for this month probably
I find it helpful to set a goal for every month and try something else. Especially consider the fact that I might have to take a new job before the company close. Portfolio time again.
I will do a bunch of concept art for man made stuff during July.
I think I will just do a bunch of fast sketches and speedies for the following 1 month. Right now I think I would rather to come up with more concept images or mood studies than doing mid to long term dedicated paintings.
Recently I have received many emails which I have to clarify over and over again so I have to write this:
If you consider me as a professional, then please compensate me as a professional.
Would you ask a chef who you barely even know to cook a meal for you for free?
Would you ask a repair person you have only met minutes ago to fix your toilet without paying?
Please, if you see this, do not send me notes or emails asking to me do work for free or perform a task in a finished professional level with quick sketch art money.
once again, I still receive those request asking for usage of my images without proper pay, I am NOT doing charity and If I want to promote my work, there are a million of ways.
Thank you.
Recently I have read a series of novel called "Three Bodies" which is in Chinese. Awesome awesome and awesome. When I saw the Sales statics I was totally astonished by the low amount of sales. I heard none of the SF authors can feed themselves by devoting their life in writing SF stories and novel without a second job, and are driven merely by their interest. Of course, I heard about the policies, damn...
Well, I just hope to see this market prospering in China, I will be so proud.
Today I receive almost 1500 or even over favorites and over 100 watch request. Besides thank you, I am shocked. What happen with this one night sudden popularity?
School is starting soon, and I am trapped with tons of commission now. I don't think I am capable of getting new commissions until Xmas :)

Can I pay you to paint or draw something for me?

Certainly, but due to the fact that I am still a full time student, I will always update my availability on the home page. Please read through the FAQ section and if you still have concerns, please email me. Either click the upper right corner or email me at After we both understand the project thoroughly, we can start signing the contract. On the date of rough delivery, I would present some roughs (Not include projects under $50), to make sure we are picturing the same thing, and you get to choose one, I can go back and modify, show you once more and start on the final. The number of roughs and revisions allowed are limited, depends on the project schedule and budget you have. The price scale I provide is a general standard, I would alternate upon various situations. I would charge more under the following circumstances: shortened deadline, increased number of roughs/revisions, bigger size and higher resolution, additional usage of images, higher level of rendering required.

Can I license your existing work?

Of course, please feel free to email me, we can discuss the usage and price.

Is there any limitation of image usage?

Yes, unless a full copyright license is granted, otherwise the image belongs to me solely. There are a few things you need to put into concerns with a budget, first, do you use them only on a specific publication or do you want multiple use? In which area of the world? The right of usage will be clearly stated on the contract.

Can I see your price list?
Just to let you know, I am flexible with styles, as you can see from samples, manga, realistic, cartoony, western comic, etc.

sample by wang2dog

1. Headshot (In shade) = $ 18-22/per character (according to complexity of design)

2. Full body (Line work) = $ 25+/per character (according to complexity of design)

3. Full body in shade = $ 35+ for a single character, $60-70+ for a couple

4. Color headshot = $ 28+/per character

5. Half body color (Head to Lap) = $ 50+ / Full body color= $ 60+

Web size: 1000 x 1000 px or less,72 pdi        Print size: 8.5" x 11", 300pdi

From 1 to 5 is all about 600-1300 px

6. Single Full body color (Minimum background)= $ 70 for web size, $ 100 for print size

7. Couple in color, full body = $ 90 web size, $ 170 for print size

8. Couple in color, full body in simple background = $ 100 web size, $ 185 for print size

9. Landscape painting (Speed Paint quality, some details) = $ 60 web size, $ 100 print size

10. Full background + one character = $ 120 web size, $ 200 print size

11. Full background,+ two or more characters = $ 200 and up web size, $ 300-500 print size

12. Highly rendered full background / characterers in background = $ 400-600 print size

13. 11" x 17" print size, or similar to this format, commission prize will double
I have to apologize to all of my supporters,since this new feature is making my access freaking slow,I could not reply one to one like usual. It is fancier, but less convenient.
Anyone interested in employing me?
Contact me at
Sorry guys, I delete all my illustrations in order to reupload with the original size version for print.